Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Good Afternoon everyone!
Happy Easter to everybody out there and I hope your day is going well and you've got lots and lots of chocolate eggs to open!
This is basically just a very quick post because it's been on my mind in the run up to easter; I myself and a religions person, I attend a Catholic church and I'm hoping to have my fist communion later this year, I've always loved holidays like Easter, Christmas, giving up things for lent, but I feel like the meanings behind these holidays are being lost. Obviously I'm aware that there are non-religious people who celebrate these holidays too, we live in a pretty secularised society and culture nowadays but even some self proclaimed "seriously literalist" catholics, protestants, methodists etc. that I know of seem to get more concerned with the capitalist and commercialist aspects of these holidays rather than taking a moment to remember why we celebrate any holiday we have in the first place. I mean, I'm not suggesting people stop what they're doing and think of Jesus, no not at all, I'm just saying that for some people it's important to remember the foundations of the holiday, back to basics and such and if that's what you or anyone else wishes to do that's your choice... anyway I'm getting right off topic now so I shall end this post there, I hope every single person's Easter Sunday is wonderful and enjoy all the eggs that were given... I know I will be!

Love Katherine. X

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