Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Favourites - General Awesomeness

Okay, so this will be my penultimate post of 2014, I have one more post after this which is my resolutions post coming later on today which I'm really excited about! Anyway this post is basically all about my favourite things of 2014 and you'll find a mix of hair, beauty and other general stuff that I liked. I hope you enjoy it. 

Firstly, I discovered the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub from Lush Cosmetics. This is basically an organic sea salt scrub for the face and body that helps get rid of dead skin, smooths out the complexion and just given your skin a brighter glow. I only got this for Christmas so it's a relatively new product and I've got to admit it is absolutely wonderful! So far I've used a little each time I shower or get a wash, a small amount about the size of a 5 pence piece on problematic areas has massively helped my complexion and it also helps reduce redness of any spots you may have. A mighty thumbs up for this scrub!

This year I've also discovered the wonders of Tresemme Colour Fade Protection shampoo and conditioner. Obviously Tresemme has been around a while and I have tried their products before but they used to make my hair frizzy and flat however, since I've had my hair dyed Tresemme Colour Fade Protection is my go-to shampoo and conditioner. Since using it my hair fades much slower than usual and this is a great help to me because I dye my hair a dark chocolate brown, sometimes it looks black, and with bright blonde roots fading is often a big problem for me; however, this seems to lock colour in for much longer and when it does start to fade it's not as harsh, meaning that my roots don't seem as bright. So for me I love this product and I'd recommend it to anyone with coloured hair. 

The next thing of 2014 that I love is my collection of Baby Lips lip balm, they smell absolutely amazing and they make my lips so soft! Especially in winter time I tend to have problems with chapped lips and I first used Baby Lips a couple of months ago and I was really surprised that it lasted so long and when it faded the softness remained. I also love they they come in tinted or non-tinted forms so if you want a bit of colour as well as protection on your lips it's al in one lovely smelling lip balm. My personal favourite is pictured above on the right, the Peach Kiss is lovely and it smells so sweet. 

I also discovered these two lovely candles just hiding away in the back of a small shop in my local city centre, they were really cheap and I adore candles and bargains so putting them together was like shopping heaven for me! The white candle pictured above and left is sweet vanilla and coconut scented and it genuinely smells so sweet and smooth it's fab to light and just chill out with after a nice bath or something. The pink candle pictured above and right is red berry and jasmine and this actually smell like sweet sherbert, when it's first lit it gives a blast of sweetness that can be kind of sickly but after a while to scent softens and it's just really nice and homely smelling. Put the two together and WOW! They mix really well and you get over 30 hours of burning which means you can use them again and again.

Finally, although technically I didn't find this in 2014, I found it in 2013, I had to put it on my list as it was bought for me at Christmas. I'm a perfume freak and I have around 20 different perfumes, eu de toilettes, body sprays and so on and I have to say Prada Candy - pictured above- is my all time favourite. My Mam bought me some from Italy in 2013 and again for christmas this year and I have to say it just smells so elegant and brings back some great memories; I just remember going out every other day with friends to the beach, driving around and having driving lessons and that perfume reminds me of that good year. Every women should have a bottle of this perfume its absolutely beautiful!
So, thats the end of my 2014 favourites post, I hope you enjoyed it and keep an eye out for my post later on - My New Years Resolutions 2015! Also follow me on Bloglovin' 
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Love Katherine. X