Saturday, 27 December 2014

Review: Gellish Nails!

Hi All!
This post is going to be all about Gellish Nails! Anyone who has known me for more than a few hours will know I'm an absolute nail polish freak, I've got over 200 different coloured nail polishes and over 90 nail polish brands including Barry M and Rimmel London. Rimmel being my favourite because it goes on so well and the colours are stunning. Anyhow, I usually do my nails myself just because I'm OCD and can't deal with uneven nail polish so I only trust myself to do it; however, I'm pretty rough with my hands as I work with children and often on a simulation hospital ward which is hard work at times, so my polish always chips very easily regardless of the number of coats or type of polish I use.
So, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go to my favourite local beauty salon and have my nails professionally done. Initially I was simply getting a deep red polish for Christmas but I fell in love with the deep purple and gold sparklies which I though would be more Christmassy, so I ended up getting professional quality gel nail polish and I have found this type of polish to be SO much better than any I've ever tried before. Below I've noted some of the best points about Gellish Nails:
  • It strengthens the nail itself. The polish is so strong that even if your nails bend and snap easily (like mine) you simply can not bend them to that degree.
  • It never loses its shine. I've had mine on a while now and they're still as shiny as the day they went on, in fact they could be mistaken for acrylics.
  • The colours are stunning. Who doesn't love a nice colour?
  • They're up to 3 weeks chip resistant. This is a godsend for those of you, like me, who are always working with your hands or tend to chip polish easily.
  • It dries very quickly. If you've got a UV light to dry them under your nails will be finished within 20 minutes, completely.
  • Rather cheap. Depending on where you go the prices tend to be rather good, mine were £15, however other salons in my area will charge an astronomical £30!
  • They're so pretty! Need I say more?

Overall Gellish nails are definitely worth the price because they're such high quality and the benefits are massive.
If you've ever had Gellish nail polish let me know your experiences or your favourite nail design!

Love Katherine. X

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