Saturday, 27 December 2014

I Love Christmas! Why? Read on to Find Out!

Hi All!
I know it's a little late for a post such as this one but I feel it's really important for me to post this, even if it's just to let my readers know a little more about me. For me the Christmas seasons begins in August/September for me! Some people love the bands they listen to, the TV shows they watch, the books they read and fandoms they belong to... I LOVE CHRISTMAS! In fairness I do love the TV shows, books, movies and music I listen to, watch and read but Christmas is my thing. My friends must think I'm crazy but I can't help it, I love everything about it, I love the atmosphere when you're out shopping when the Christmas songs are playing and people are moaning that its the 1,000th time they've heard that song that day, I love seeing people buying presents for their families, I love that when you wake up on a morning you see your breath and yes, even as a 18 and 8 month year old I do love pretending I'm a dragon. Childish I know but hey! That's me. There is SO much I love about Christmas like the songs which I am listening to as I write this post (Cliff Richard's 'Saviour's Day' to be precise), the decorated shopping centres, excited children talking about Santa as their exhausted parents drag them around more and more shops looking for the exact presents they've asked for, I love everything about it. One of my favourite things about Christmas is that my family has several Christmas traditions running from my birthday, which is mid December, to New Years day; on Christmas eve I always get up very early because I will always have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve night no matter how old I am, I make sure I look presentable for all of the family visits (nice hair, Christmas jumper on even if it is hideous, make-up perfectly applied and such),I'll drop in the last few Christmas cards that need be, me and my Nana will run around the house trying to make it immaculate while my Mam and Dad go out for last minute food shopping or present shopping, sometimes my Uncle and Aunty will visit our house with huge bags of presents for us all and sometimes we go to their house, then we visit my older Uncle who we see only once or twice a year if we're lucky and usually we get home from family visiting at 4:30-5:00PM when I sit downstairs as my Grandad might visit friends, Mam and Dad will be wrapping presents and trying not to let me see, I love that part. At this point Me and my Nana and my Mam have a break from whatever we're doing and usually I will have a Snowball with a Cherry, Mam and Nana have a Bailey's in their hand, we'll watch some TV before we get back to putting things away and oogling at the enormous tree situated in the living room next to the front window which tends to get set up around November 5th. Then we will all relax for the night and get ready for the next day. That is my favourite part of Christmas, not the presents, not the shopping or anything material based. I get extremely overwhelmed at the love I harbour in my heart for my family, it reminds me how grateful I am to have my family, to have a home, food and warmth and most importantly that I am loved by my family too. Christmas is my favourite time of year for so many reasons, love, family the atmosphere, the snow OH THE SNOW! What a wonderful part of Christmas that is (no sixth form at least once), the lights on the trees in the houses as I walk home from wherever I've been, hot chocolates with cream and cinnamon, when me and my best friend get together and tease one another about how we will never tell what we've bought when we exchange our gifts. So you can see that Christmas means a lot to me. I hope it means something to you too because it truly is a magical time of year!

Love Katherine. X

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