Saturday, 27 December 2014

What I Got for Christmas 2014!

Hi All!
Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year for so many reasons, particularly the delicious food, warm and loving atmosphere, the traditions and obviously the presents play a part in why it's such a wonderful time. Presents are far from the mot important thing  about Christmas for me, however there is one particular tradition in my family regarding presents that I love; each year on December 27th we spend the whole day looking through and organising out presents into neat little piles. I love this because it gives us all the chance to really fuddle through everything we were given and appreciate the gifts. So, I thought that now I've finally finished sorting through all of my pressies I'd write a quick post on what I got for Christmas this year. This is only going to be brief as I'm rather strapped for time today but I'll be posting much more in the coming weeks. 
In the picture above you'll see how I've very badly organised all my presents. 
Apple MacBook Pro - This was my main gift from my Mam. After only ever using laptops or desktop computers it's been quite different to use this but I have to admit this is absolutely brilliant to use and it's much easier that I expected to use.
Converse - I practically live in my Converse so these were a fab gift to wake up to on Christmas morning; they're absolutely gorgeous, they're black with high tops and gold studs on the outer sides. I find converses go with practically any outfit and these are no exception as they are rather neutral looking so they should be good to wear with any outfit. I personally recommend avoiding silver when wearing anything with a heavy gold tone.
Canvas Bags - I got some extremely cool canvas bags, my favourite of which is is a really simple cream bag with black writing saying "I bloody love books", this is fantastic because it's totally British and I do bloody love books!
Disney DVD Collection - For such a long time now I've been wanting to start a collection of Disney DVDs; Disney movies are favourite and a fab way to relive childhood, Mulan and Oliver and Company are two of the best. I now have a solid foundation to start my collection after getting roughly 50-18 Disney DVDs.
Mini Polaroid Camera - Polaroid cameras have always been my favourite, I just love the way the pictures come out with a rather retro look. I finally got a mini-polaroid camera in one of my favourite colours, pink. I'm planning on making a collage with all of my pictures with my friends and experiences so it's definitely king to be a useful give that I adore!

As I said, this is going to be a pretty brief post so for the rest of my presents I'm just going to make a quick list, here we go:
The Rest:
  • Various pieces of make up 
  • Clothes
  • Perfumes - Prada Candy
  • Lush Cosmetics haul
  • Soap and Glory stuff
  • Books, lots of them
  • Sweeties
  • Jewellery 
It's been a fabulous Christmas all in all this year and I honestly hope all my readers have had a wonderful Christmas too!

Love Katherine. X

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