Sunday, 28 December 2014

Lazy Days and Weekend Summary

This post is just going to be a rather quick round up or summary of what's been a fabulous lazy weekend following the Christmas rush, hope you all enjoy it. 
Well it's firstly really important to note that usually my weekends are packed full of fun stuff like coursework, shopping with family members and housework (sarcasm if you hadn't guessed) but this weekend I made a point of having a very lazy couple of days. 
I mentioned in a post yesterday that I spent a few hours searching through all of my christmas stuff which was rather fun, I had a fab lie in yesterday and today and I feel great for having finally slept in after weeks of 6AM starts. 
Normally, because of college and work, I have a lot on my mind but lately it's been lovely not having to worry or stress over anything so today I took my chance to start reading one of my favourite book series of all time, the Skulduggery Pleasant series. I'm a massive bookworm and to me there's nothing better than letting yourself get completely and utterly lost in a favourite book. I hand't realised that I'd been reading nearly 5 hours so when I finally did decide to put the book down I managed to get some writing done. 
As well as reading I enjoy writing short stories so I managed to start the ball rolling with another piece of writing which I've been meaning to do for a very long time. Writing is a very good way of relieving stress and just forgetting about everything else that's going on around you, I personally find it is anyway. 
After writing a bit of a story I decided to publish one blog post I'd pre-written yesterday to post at some point today which was fun to do because it got me thinking about certain products i'd love to have a go of and it give me inspiration form many more blog posts that hopefully you'll all look forward to. 
Now here I am, sat in my poke dot onsie in bed after a hot bath with tons of smellies writing this post because I don't have much else to do. 
I hope you l have had a wonderful weekend too and I hope I've not bored you all too much with my ramblings. Thanks for reading all!

Love Katherine. X

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