Monday, 29 December 2014

My Top 3 Quick Everyday Hairstyles

Hi Everyone!
Today I'm going to be posting my Top 3 Quick Everyday Hairstyles, these are just the styles I tend to wear when I'm running late for college or on those mornings I simply can't be bothered with all of the hoo-ha of styling. 
  • Sleek and Straight - My default quick hairstyle for those late days is simply using a couple of products on my hair, one of my favourite being the L' Oreal 3 Day Straight spray. I usually give my hair a quick spritz with that then straighten my hair, I don't usually take a massive amount of time with this or do it very meticulously so it usually just takes me 5-7 minutes all-in-all, excluding time for any heat tools to warm up. After I just blast my hair with Elnett Lasting hairspray and I'm ready. This gives my hair an effortless skeel and shiny look that will last over 2 days. 
  • Doughnut Bun - Another personal favourite of mine that is really easy and quick is the doughnut bun or "sock bun" depending on whatever you use. I like to use doughnuts because I'm OCD and I get rather stressed out of my hair doesn't look exactly the right shape or style and I just fine I get a better look with doughnuts too. Anyway I usually straighten my hair the night before I do this style but it's not necessary as you'll get the same results with or without straightened hair. I don't just any other product other than my hairspray to keep it all in place and 3/4 bobby pins. Evenly displace the hair around the doughnut and secure with bobby pins once you've done that and then spray to hold in place, they've got yourself a nice even looking bun that will last all day. You hair will also look really cool once you take it out of the bun too, especially if you keep some volume on the crown area. All in all this should only take about 5-8 minutes.
  • Beach-y No Heat Waves - This is a personal favourite of mine that I tend to use on the summer more often that not. To start with I will loosely plait my hair in 2 or 3 thickish plaits before  go to bed, making sure my hair is completely dry or it will stay flat on my hair which I personally hate. In the morning I just take out the plaits, pull apart the waves they've created and rough my hair up a little that makes it look more natural, then I use my Urban Fudge Salt Spray which works really well and smells heavenly; give the waves a quick scrunch and there you have it! Lovely surfer girl style waves. Takes around about 3-4 minutes.
Thanks for reading guys, i hope you enjoyed it, here will be pictures accompanying many of my posts but I'm having some technical problems with my computer at the moment so there's a bit of a delay. 
Let me know about some of your favourite hairstyles and what you like to do with your locks on those late and lazy days. 

Love Katherine. X

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