Saturday, 27 December 2014

Top 4 Favourite Places to Visit - in the UK!

Now I must admit I am far from what anybody would call a traveller, I am not one to sit and ponder all of the gloriously hot or exotic places I'd love to go. I'm much happier thinking about all of the road trips and visiting to do right here in the UK; however I have been to a few places so far in life, all in the UK obviously. I was thinking today while I was travelling up North (East) from down South about all the places I have been and how much I've enjoyed where I've been. So I thought it would be a good idea to make a post on my top 4 favourite places to visit in the UK. I'll only be putting 4 because these places are very special to me and wherever else I've been, the experience simply hasn't matched up with these 4 locations.

4. London - One things you should know about me, particularly for this post, is that I am 110% NOT a city girl, I can not stand the hustle and bustle of city life and would much prefer to be in the countryside... or better, at the coast. London however is such an amazing place! I first went there when I was 6 or 7 but unfortunately it was to spend 5 days in hospital so for the majority of the time I was there I barely saw a thing until I was allowed out. Oh but when I was I was absolutely gob-smacked, the place was brilliant with so many people in fabulous clothes walking around, the history of the capital is astounding too! If you're ever to visit London I highly recommend going to the London Dungeons and Madame Tussauds, my Mam almost got her eyebrows singed off in the Dungeons ha! It is a wonderful place to visit and should be on anybody's bucket list.

3. Edinburgh - Edinburgh, what can I say about it? The views are phenomenal, especially when you're up a height and get to see the whole city in its glory. It really is a splendid view, although the language barriers may be a stumbling block, if you're a strong accented Geordie you may have difficulty understanding the Edinburgh accent as I did ha! The history and culture of Edinburgh is so rich and varied its a wonder how anybody couldn't be fascinated with the place.

2. York - York is fab and has some absolutely wonderful markets, particularly around Christmas time, I've recently visited York again and the magnificence of the architecture hasn't diminished at all. The Cathedral is a must see for whoever is considering a visit there. There's so much you can learn about the whole of UK culture and history from the city, the architecture, as mentioned before is great and offers some fantastic photography opportunities. Also there are SO many cute tea rooms for those of you who're like me and can't resist a real Yorkshire cuppa tea.

1. Whitby - My all time favourite place to visit has to be Whitby. It's a small coastal town in North Yorkshire and, as with all of the previous places I've mentioned, it has a fantastically interesting and captivating history (including the fact that Whitby was the place Bram Stoker set and wrote Dracula! *fangirl squeal*) and some views that would melt your heart. It is not for these reasons that I love Whitby with such a passion, it's because of the memories the place holds for me; some of my happiest times have taken place in that little seaside town. Vintage, beautiful, comforting and my "soul place", Whitby is and always will be at the top of my list of favourite places to visit. 

Let me know about any of your favourite places to visit.

Love Katheirne. X

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