Sunday, 22 February 2015

Comfy Nights In - How To

Sometimes we all just need to take a break, take some time out, relax, pamper and treat ourselves. For  those of you who can't afford luxury spa weekends or cottage holidays (me included) every now and then to escape from the world, there is nothing better than having a night in at home just having a bit of 'me time'. I'm doing exactly that come this weekend if I manage to get all of my assignment finished today or tomorrow, so I'm going to let you all know the best ways to have a cosy night in. 

Face Masks - When I'm having a comfy, cosy night in the firs thing I go for is definitely my face masks! Face masks are a great way to unwind a little before really getting cosy. My favourite brand of face mask is Montagne Jenuesse because they have such a wide range of face masks, I personally love their Fruit Smoothie mask because it smell delicious and makes my skin very smooth. While waiting for face masks to dry you can do some reading or run yourself a nice bath. 

Run a bath or have a hot shower - Baths or hot showers with some lovely Lush or other smellies is an absolute MUST on a cosy night in. Nothing unwinds and relaxes you like being surrounded by hot steamy bubbles and pretty colours and smells. I also like to take some advice from Sarah Millican and have a cup of tea while in the bath, it's lovely ladies try it! 

Onesies - I highly recommend getting yourself into your favourite onsie or pair of PJs, getting all snug is the best part of the night! And nothing feels better than soft PJs after a hot bath. 

Get the Food in - You can either do this by ordering your favourite food in or you can make your favourite comfort food, personally if I'm ordering food it's either pizza or chinese for me, that's one way, however my favourite thing is to get some fruit and dipping chocolate and just take it from there. It's best to get a food you really like because it makes the night a little better.

Warm Drinks - Again warm drinks such as tea, coffee if you like or hot chocolate with all the trimmings. Warm drinks can make you feel sleepy and warm on the inside, so they give you that extra cosy, snuggly feeling especially on cold nights. 

Perfect lighting - Lighting is a really important aspect of comfy nights in I believe, it creates the right atmosphere and can make you feel really cosy and generally happy. Fairy lights  alone are great for these types of nights in, I don' usually recommend any brighter lights as it can overpower the smaller ones and that would be missing the point of having lighting. I really like scented candles for lighting as well as fairy lights because they don't just give the room a warmer and cosier feeling, they also make the room smell so nice, always a plus in my book. 

Music - Music is something lots of people find really comforting and if you pick the right music it can make a night great. Usually when picking music, if that's what you like to do on a cosy night in, I would probably say go for something relaxing or mellow. Personally, I have a few choices when it comes to night in music, one being Jack Johnson, another Taylor Swift or absolutely anything classical and relaxing. 

Tonight's book
Movie Marathon - Movie marathons are a really good and fun idea, particularly if you're having friends over or stuck for ideas. Even a TV show marathon would be fun, last time I had a night in I watched all of the Vicar of Dibley episodes and I regret nothing! I wouldn't recommend anything too scary because that can change the atmosphere of the night and nobody wants to be scared. 

Reading Time - This is my all time favourite thing to do on a night in, I love to chill out in bed or on the couch with blankets, tea and fruit with dippy chocolate, completing the night by sinking my teeth into a good book. 

Hopefully I've been able to give you guys some good ideas for next time you have a night in! Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies!

Love Katherine. X

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