Sunday, 15 February 2015

Plus Size Fashion - Where to go?

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I've been thinking a lot lately about clothes and my style in general as I've been fancying a bit of a change up, usually I just wear whatever is comfortable or whatever matches my mood and looks smart but I've always favoured the vintage type style and this, in turn, got me thinking about plus size fashion of all types and where us larger ladies can go without burning a huge hole in our designer purses (I WISH). Often plus size fashion can be very expensive, but you usually do get what you pay for so in this post I'll be writing about where you can go for plus size fashion, some places are more affordable than others and I will be including some underwear shops because I know all too well, the struggle to find large bras that don't make me look 70 years old. Let's get down to business then!

Simply Be - Simply Be is a high street plus size fashion shop, it's both online and there are stores around the UK that stocks fashion from sizes 10-36, so there really is something for everyone. The clothes from Simply Be are very good quality and I fin that they are durable and can last quite a long time. They stock everything from everyday casual dresses, wedding dresses, tops, knitwear, swimwear, footwear and lingerie. There is literally something from everyone, I personally like the vintage 50s type style and they have Joe Browns dresses and such in that suit me down to the ground. There are more modern and "trendy" styles of clothing there also which will suit toddy's fashionistas. The only issue with Simply Be is that this shop is significantly overpriced, one top could cost up to £40 which I think is way over what should be charged but if you have the money to spare I definitely recommend Simply Be. 

Yours Clothing - Yours Clothing is very much a similar type of shop to Simply Be, however this is my favourite go-to place for clothes at the moment, mainly because it stocks sizes 14-36 and it's much cheaper than Simply Be. Yours has a range of clothing, footwear, swimwear and lingerie perfect for the larger sizes, however I must admit that the lingerie isn't exactly varied in sizes when it comes to bras and such. Yours stocks more mature types of clothing, meaning there aren't as many modern type tends found here, their party/occasion wear is great and when it gets to summer they have a great selection of maxi/beach dresses and good prices. I find their clothes are very good quality and regardless of style preferences, I'm positive any larger (and not so larger lady) can take a look at Yours and find something they love. 

Pink Clove - Pink Clove is a pretty new discovery of mine, I do like their clothes very much as they're versatile and a lot of the fashion they stock can be worn as daytime and nighttime wear with a little mix and match. I love their lounge-y look tunics in Turquoise and Pink, I mentioned them in a previous post. They stock sizes 16-32 and their prices are fab too, I've been known to spend £30 there and get over 5 pieces of clothing which is pretty damned good for any shop if I may say so! Pink Clove is definitely worth a look, particularly their casual and occasion wear. 

ASOS Curve - A lot of my larger sized friends have always wanted to wear clothes like those ASOS models, that's when I told them about ASOS curve. This is one of my absolute favourites because it has such modern, trendy high street type fashions as well as some gorgeous pieces for going out in in sizes 8-30 so literally almost all sizes can get fabulous clothes! i recently spent nearly £100 in ASOS Curve because I love it so much! They are always up to date on the latest trends and styles. ASOS curve literally suits everyone and I'd highly recommend checking it out!

Ample Bosom - Now for those of you who have issues finding bras to fit I find that Ample Bosom is a gem of a find, the bras aren't the most attractive in the sense of patterns or prettiness. Ample Bosoms main aim is to provide bras that are comfortable, supportive, and look like proper bras, none of this frills and bright patterns. They are mainly aimed at mature women roundabout 30s and upwards but if you're struggling so much to find a bra I doubt that's a major issue. The prices are pretty steep but reasonable for the quality of bra you're getting. They stock lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear and other such pieces in sizes 28A-50N (back and cup sizes), if you're looking for somewhere you can find a strong and comfy bra Ample Bosom is the place to go.
I hope you've all enjoyed this post and found it useful. Comment some of your favourite places to shop, plus size or not. NOTE: All of the above images are pieces of clothing taken from each website, not my images. 

Love Katherine. X

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