Saturday, 14 February 2015

My Future Tag!

Hey everyone! 
I've been thinking loads about my future lately considering I'm starting to gather info on the Uni I want to go to, writing my personal statement and thinking about having children because I'm working with them and I've decided a good way to get my thoughts out would be doing the future tag, so here we are. There's 10 questions and I will answer them as honestly as possible and in as much detail as I can muster today (I'm feeling kinda lazy). 

1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself working as a social worker managing fostering and adoption, a couple of children, hopefully I'll own my own home and be married or at least be in a relationship with someone I truly love.  
2. Do you want to get married? I would really love to get married at some point, I've practically planned my whole wedding down to the last detail. I've even picked a colour scheme, ivory and deep crimson as they're two of my favourite colours and I think they look really elegant at weddings. 
3. Do you want to have children? 1,000,000% yes! I've wanted children since I was a child myself but I'm hoping to have my children in my early/mid twenties. Unfortunately I may not be able to have children naturally but I've always wanted to adopt at least one child so either way I'll definitely be having a baby at some point. :)
4. Do you want to move? If yes, where? I've said in a previous post that I'd love to live in the country, maybe in Scotland or Ireland, I'm a home bird so I think if I move I'll make sure my family move too or I'll say where they are. 
5. What would your dream house look like? I don't think my dream house would be anything flashy to be honest. I like the idea of having a house thats big enough for all the family and a couple of annexes for my parents and grandparents to live in so we can all live where we want in the country but still have space. I'm a neat freak so it'll be neat and tidy all the time. 
6. What is your dream job? My ultimate dream job would be to own my own successful bookshop or private daycare/nursery. However I am quite content to settle for being a social worker managing fostering and adoption. 
7. What are 5 things you want to do before you die? In no particular order, I want to have children, I want to see my family happy and content, I want to own my own home, preferably own a bentley (they're my favourite cars!) and I want to visit Ireland.
8. Are you scared of the future? I'm not scared of the future, I'm more scared of running out of time to do the things I really want to do. 
9. What's your biggest dream you'd like to achieve in life? Some people might lath or scoff at this but I want to be a good mother to any children I have and make my family proud of me in whatever way I can. 
10. What would be the ideal age for you to die? I don't think any age is ideal to die. I just want to enjoy every single minute I have left.
I tag everyone to do this, if you read it have a go!

Love Katherine. X

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