Saturday, 7 February 2015

What Have I Been Up To?

My night is sorted!
Hi All!
I haven't posted in a while now and, once again, I'm very sorry about that but I've had so much going on right now I literally haven't had any time to myself at all. 
I mentioned few weeks ago that I'd started my college placement working with children in a local daycare centre, well I've been there almost everyday whenever I can simply because I love it there so much. I've fallen in love with a couple of the children there and they're practically my best friends whenever I'm there and oh gosh they're so adorable! I initially started going more often to get my hours up quickly as I need a minimum of 100 hours before placement ends, I wasn't too keen on the place to begin with but I think that was because I was nervous and slightly intimidated but now I feel right at home each time I go and I'm being given more responsibility which is wonderful. Also I've been offered a job later in the year once a couple of girls leave which I'm so excited about, I'll definitely be snapping up that position mind!
I went on a date with a friend (non-romantic) I met at a Sunderland Uni open day last year which was nice as I haven't seen him in ages, although I doubt it will be happening again soon because of both of our work/college commitments which is a shame, I'm glad I got to meet up with him thug because when we're together it's a right laugh. 
Also I've had a few things to organise with college, as a student representative for my class I've been running around helping my tutor organise parents evening, attending meetings as there have been a few serious bullying issues I've had to report, thankfully they've been sorted now, I'm extremely stubborn when it comes to out college's bullying policy. Also I did a reading/demonstration session with some people in my class who might want to study health and social care too. Finally at college, as well as trying to get all my assignments sorted I've been helping my tutor arrange a campaign to train as many people as possible in hands only CPR which will take place at my college on Monday morning/afternoon, I think it's a fab way to raise awareness about Heart Month and also it definitely will help everyone involved out on their CV and personal statements. :)
So, as you can all tell it's been pretty hectic this week and probably will be until next Wednesday (half-term) but I honestly think I'd be lost without having lots to do, I'm a pretty active and practical person to the more I have to do during the week the better. 
Now it's the weekend I am definitely taking the time to relax and have some much needed me time; unfortunately I'm poorly again (what is wrong with me at the minute?!) so I'm in bed at the moment tying this up although I have a lovely evening ahead planned, my grandma is making me stir fry for tea and I have Ben and Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream for later. My candles are ready to go, my hot bubble bath is running with my lovely lush smellies, and my onsie is laid out ready for me, as is a damned good book to read. So after I've written this post I shall be off to enjoy my evening and I hope you all are too! Hopefully I will have a couple more posts out these next few days, if there are less than usual I'm probably with all those adorable babies at work!
Thanks for reading and thanks for sticking around even when I was less than active on my blog this week! Have a lovely night all!

Love Katherine. X


  1. So glad to hear from you and that you're loving your placement!! And you've been offered a job?!! That's even more amazing - a huge congratulations and well done for working so hard.
    You really have had a busy time haven't you? Hope you make the most of your weekend and enjoy that ice cream.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Hi Danielle! Aw thanks very much, yeah it's been really busy but I always fine time to read your blog, awesome posts recently by the way! I hope your weekend and next week is wonderful, also I hope your January was fab too! :) X