Sunday, 4 January 2015

Back to College Essentials

The bag I use for college!
Oh dear. The day I, and probably millions of other people around the UK, have been dreading is so close now; the day everyone goes back to school, work and college. Tomorrow everything goes back to normal, the christmas decorations will be down, no more relaxing or resting, just work and college for me. I've been dreading it ever since I broke up from college 3 weeks ago and despite the fact that I'm not dreading it half as much as I did going back to Sixth Form I still think holidays should be longer. Anyway, I thought I'd do a post on Back to College Essentials, this is going to be similar to a 'What's in My Bag' and an 'Essentials' post. You'll get to see what I drag around to college with me and maybe get some tips as to what you all might need to take too.Let's get started then. 
Firstly, I think it's absolutely vital that when going back to college or starting college, work, school or whatever, that you have a good quality bag, many people I know take only small ones and other bags to keep the less important stuff in. I've never seen the point in this and I like to take a biggish bag that can cary all of my things around in it. The first picture (above, left) is the bag I currently use and it was £10 from Atmosphere in a sale last summer. It's really sturdy and big enough that if I want to I could also fit in some lunch or a big book.

The image to the right shows what I keep inside my bag that I absolutely must take to college on a daily basis. As you can probably guess I study Health and Social Care and I need to take two books with me, one being a content filled book with information on each unit inside it and the other being a Study Skills Guide that we use for the Personal and Professional Development unit. I also have a large A4 multi-coloured lever arch folder that I've used for 2 years, I used it in my final year of Sixth Form but now it's breaking a little so I'm in dire need of a new one. Inside this I keep dividers for each unit, an absurd amount of plastic pockets and any and al work I've done so far. I also keep an A4 refill paper pad in there too for any notes I take in class. I bought the folder, dividers, pockets and refill pad from Rymans. I also have a Cath Kidston skinny pencil case in which I keep 4 black ball point pens, a blue, red, green, purple and pink ball point pen for any marking I need to do as my tutor often asks for assistance when marking or tutoring students. I have green, yellow and pink Sharpie highlighters for anything I need to remember or... well, highlight. I always carry a stapler and spare staples as well as a hole punch, you can never find one when you need one. Finally, I carry my 32GB Mass Storage USB with me at all times because I work a lot on computers and all of my assignments are written on personal and college computers, therefore i regularly transfer information via the USB. I got the USB from PC world, they're usually £10-15 depending on the store you go to however this was given to me as a gift as I was good friends with the guy who worked there. That is everything "college related" that's in my bag.

The Picture on the left is a few of the there things I like to keep in there also. I have my purse from Next, impulse body spray from Superdrug, some chewing gum, my iPod, an inhaler because I'm asthmatic and a little notebook for scribbling any quick notes I may need. I also take a few other things like my glasses case and lens cleaner as I can not ever function with dirty glasses, often I take a book to read in my free hours and when needed I take lady products, make up, a hairbrush and sometimes I take my own lunch. That is literally everything I can think that I ever take to college with me that I would consider essentials. 
Thanks for reading all and I hope you all have a good first day back whatever you're going back to!

Love Katherine. X