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The Beauty Tag

Hi Everyone!
One of my new years resolutions that wasn't mentioned on my resolutions post (find that here) was to make sure I post more fashion and beauty type things. I haven't really been doing many of those but, that's mainly because, I was really stuck for ideas as to what to write for them. Now after brainstorming last night because I couldn't sleep I thought a good way to kickstart the beauty aspect of my blog would be to do the beauty tag! I'll only be answering 20 questions but there will be a few more posts similar to this one coming up for beauty and fashion; enjoy!

How often do you wear makeup?
I wear make up when I'm going out, usually to an event or a meal or whatever is going on. I wear a little when I go to college or to the shops but I don't go all out with it, I never ever wear make up in the house unless I'm just messing around with new looks.

Would you leave the house without make up?
Oh yeah definitely, if you can go out without make up and still feel beautiful and confident I would say the self esteem might need some work, then again I know some people love make up that much they they wear it all the time and that's totally fine, it's all about preference.

What do you use in terms of skin care? 
At the moment I'm using Simple kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion which is fantastic! it keeps my skin smooth and clear and it's also helped balance out my skin tone. I also use the kind to skin facial cleansing wipes they just help to again keep my skin smooth and I use them predominantly at night. I use Clerasil blackhead clearing scrub also because I have issues with blackheads sometimes and this just helps keep them at bay. Finally I use the Olay double action day and night creams. 

What type of skin do you have, oily, dry or combination?
I have combination skin usually however there are certain days where my skin can get really oily and always in the winter it gets very dry. On the whole though it's definitely combination skin.

Do you ever have any spot breakouts because of wearing make up?
Nope, I don't usually have a problem with spots as my skin is relatively clear minus a few uneven skin tones and such, when I do have a breakout it usually comes from issues to do with waxing. If I do have a breakout though I will avoid make up just to be sure it does't make it worse.

Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics such as paragons or sulfate?
Actually yes. I'm allergic to a LOT of non-organic make up so when I buy things I have to make sure they're organic or my whole face will start to burn and I get red splotches, which I then cover up with make up that defeats the whole point haha.

What foundation do you use and what coverage do you prefer?
Just now, I'm using Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation with SPF 18 in Ivory. It's long lasting and gives a great smooth and radiant look. I also use Garnier BB cream skin perfecter and Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder.

Do you use a base or primer for you face/eyes?
I do, I use the Make Up Academy Pro Base Primer.

Pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Liquid eyeliner is my favourite, I very rarely wear eyeliner but when I do I much prefer liquid. I just really need to work on my application technique...

Do you wear false lashes?
NO, I have pretty long eyelashes anyway so I just usually apply a clear mascara and a brown mascara on top of that to make them look slightly more prominent and natural. i really can't stand falsies and think they look daft although that's just my personal opinion. 

What're you using on your lips at the moment?
Oh so many different lipsticks! I love lipsticks and I use two Mac lipsticks that I can not remember the name of and two lipsticks from... Primark! The Primark lipsticks smell lovely and they go on really well and stay for over 12 hours!

Do you prefer lipgloss or lipstick?
I like the look of lipgloss but I prefer lipstick so I tend to cheat and apply my lipstick and put a tiny, thin layer of vaseline over he top just to give it a bit of gloss and get the best of both worlds. 

What're you using on your eyes at the moment?
I'm not using any particular brand only at the moment I'm using a mix of brands and the colours tend to be 3 different types blended together. I mainly use browns and golds for everyday make up looks. 

What is your go to mascara?
My current mascara is Natural Collection clear waterproof mascara, from Boots as a first coat then Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof mascara as a second coat. 

Do you prefer blush or bronzer?
My skintone is a light olive so I tend to avoid colours like pinks, reds and so on for my face and eyes. I love bronzer and I use that all year round, it gives a really lovely warm look to my face in winter and a tanned look in summer. 

What type or look do you go for, heavy and bold or light and natural?
That depends on the occasion, last year for halloween I had a silver and deep grey smokey eye look but that was for a party. For every day I tend to go very light and neutral, colours like light browns, light berries, sometimes I do like bold looks on my eyes such as deep blue, purples or silvers. Usually though would have to say light and natural.

How often do you shop for make up? Do you pick up items one at a time or but lots of goodies? When it comes to my spending habits i'm very tight fisted and hate spending my money. That being said when I do get started on shopping it's very difficult to stop me. I buy in bulk so I shop for make up whenever something vital to my collection runs out and I but loads of goodies at once. 

Have you ever considered taking a make up class?
Oh definitely! I would absolutely love to, I've considered taking a night class in hair and beauty at my college. I think it's really worth looking into as I'd love to know how to do a really professional looking smokey eye.

Who is your beauty guru?
I wouldn't say I had one in particular as I love so many! My main two would be Sami Maria (BeautyCrush) and Tess Christine, they both tend to go for the same type of looks which I adore but I sometimes have to change the colours they use as they're either to light or too dark for my skin tone so I mix it up by looking at videos by Bethany Mota and Pixiwoo.

What do you think the best thing about make up is?
The best thing about make up is that if I'm feeling low or my skin looks awful I know I have my make up on hand to cover it up and make myself feel a bit better. Make up hides a multitude of sins.
Thanks for reading all.
A collection of my make up

Love Katherine. X

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