Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Bedroom Wishlist

So, it's the New Year and, for about 99% of the people on my Facebook timeline, a "new me". I was looking at my bedroom earlier in the day and thinking... to hell with it. For me it's going to be New Year, New Bedroom! I adore interior design and it's something that's always fascinated me. At the moment I have a rather childish bedroom, I have a light pink feature wall with light cream surrounding walls, none of them have any pattern which is kind of boring. I have an ugly brown carpet and most of my furniture is white or off white, I thought that if I'm going to redecorate my bedroom I may as well do a Bedroom Wishlist post. This might be a long one but still it's been really fun to write. 

The first thing I'd like is the Gersby Bookcase (£17) from IKEA. I already have one Gersby in my room now but the sheer volume of books I have is unbelievable so it'd be really helpful to have another just so I don't have to pile books upon books anymore. Also it's pretty sturdy the one I have now so it's not a bad bookcase to begin with.

The second thing on my wish list is the Malm chest of 4 drawers, again from IKEA (£49). These drawers would be perfect for keeping underwear, pyjamas, shoes and even make up in. Personally I'd also use the top of the drawers to put my television on and that way there'll be no need for me to buy a TV stand. 

Next on my list is Colours Oak Effect Luxury Vinyl Flooring from B&Q (£25 per M2). I've always wanted wooden flooring on my bedroom but because I live in a council house I'm not able to have wood flooring put down but I am able to put wood effects linoleum down which is, in my view better because then the planks can't crack and it's much warmer. I like this one from B&Q because it's very light and it'll go with the colour scheme of my room.

Fourthly, I would love the Antique Rose Bouquet Wallpaper from Cath Kidston (£25 per roll). This wallpaper is beautiful and would work perfectly in my room ad a feature wall with surrounding light cream walls in Matt finish paint. I've always loved Cath Kidston designs and to have there wallpaper in my room would be fantastic, plus it's not brash or bold so I would be able to get some subtle and feminine decorations to go with the bedroom.
So far those are the only things I'm sure I definitely would love in my room however there are many more things that'll list below, I just haven't found the exact pictures of what I'd like yet:
  • White bed frame - storage preferable
  • Mattress and mattress topper
  • A fuzzy cream rug
  • A wardrobe
  • Decorative pillows - I might make those myself because I'm rather snazzy with a sewing machine
  • Various storage boxes for make up, hair essentials, college work, DVDs etc.
  • Vase and artificial flowers, I won't have real flowers because they aways die after a couple of days. 
There you have it, that is my main bedroom wish list and hopefully the rom will be decorated completely my this time net year! Thanks for reading all, tell me about what you would like fr your bedrooms!

Love Katherine. X


  1. Yet another excuse for IKEA! Xxxx

  2. If course! Really wish this blog would take off... seems to be idling a little at the moment. Xxxx

  3. I have the Malm chest of drawers in my room. Had them for years and they've lasted really well. Just been and bought another two in different sizes when I moved house. They're great for the price! xx

    1. I've heard pretty good things about them and I'll definitely be buying them as soon as redecorating starts. :) Love your blog by the way.