Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My iTunes Purchases

Hey everyone!
Today has been a very, very long day and I'm still ill so I thought I would treat myself to a bit or retail therapy and bought a few things. I bought myself season 14 of Family Guy and the complete box set of Miranda, so far today I have managed to blast through 21 episodes of Family Guy and I'll be starting my Miranda box set later on. Other than my fabulous DVDs I bought myself some new albums from iTunes that I've been after for a very long time. I was given £25 worth of vouchers for iTunes for Christmas and I was initially struggling to think of albums I wanted until I had a look through my iPod and remembered all those I really fancied. This post is just going to be about what I bought from iTunes earlier today. 

Firstly, I bought myself Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. This album was the only album of The Beatles that I didn't have, so I thought it was about time that I got it. I first heard The Beatles when I was about 4 or 5, or at least that's the first time I remember hearing them, myself and my grandparents were on the way to Whitby, a lovely North Yorkshire seaside town, and I just instantly fell in love with their sound. It was when i got oder that I heard this album and although it was totally different to their usual stuff I still loved it so I was determined to have all of The Beatles albums and now I finally do!

The second album I bought was The Very Best of Dolly Parton. I love this woman and I think she is the definition of fabulous, her and Elton John were two of my favourite artists when i was younger, admittedly, although it may be cliched, my favourite song of Dolly's is 9 to 5. I'm a damn good country singer too if I may say so myself so I think that definitely adds to the peal of her music for me personally. I'm really looking forward to listening to this album.

I also bought Anne Murray The Best...So Far. I've only recently discovered the music of Anne Murray and Oh My Days. This woman has a beautiful voice and I completely relax whenever I hear her sing, I'm really drawn in by the songs she sings too. Some of my favourite songs of hers include Snowbird (obviously), You Needed Me and Just Another Woman In Love. I actually discovered her through Family Guy, most of my favourite songs I find on TV shows or movies now I come to think of it...

I'm not one for listening to modern artists predominantly but there are a few I like such as McFly/McBusted, Taylor Swift, One Direction, The 1975 and Ed Sheeran being a few. Ed Sheeran is one of my favourites and I have the rest of his albums so when I saw 'X' on iTunes I bought it right away, I love Tenerife Sea and Thinking out Loud, they are (in my mothers and my own words) MINT!

The fifth album I got was blink-182: Greatest Hits. Come on! Who doesn't love Blink?! If I'm doing a spending spree on iTunes I just can't resist getting Blink or My Chem songs or albums but I've got all the albums for my Chemical Romance so Blink it was. For a really long time I went through a phase of just ignoring my Blink 182 albums but in the last year or so I've really gotten back into them and I don't regret it one bit. 

Finally I got The 1975 by The 1975... Who else really? I've really liked these guys since I heard Chocolate in 2013 I think it was, funny story, that song actually helped me with my driving lessons because when I was learning I would never use gas when going up an incline but whenever I would see one I'd always sing "we're building our speed as we're approaching a hill" which helped me remember what to do haha. Technically I bought this album a few months ago but I got halfway through downloading and had some issues downloading the rest so I took the opportunity to download the rest today. 

So that was my iTunes spending spree for today. My music taste, as mentioned in another previous post is pretty eclectic as you can see from this post and my older What's On My iPod? Top 25! post from last week. 

Love Katherine. X

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