Saturday, 3 January 2015

My All Time Favourite TV Shows

I'm more of a bookworm that I am a TV or movie buff however I do have several favourite TV shows that I don't think I'd be able to live without! i really like doing posts such as "my favourites" and "top 10" just because it gives me a change to really think through what I like and enjoy. So for any of those interested here is my top 19 favourite TV shows of all time, in no particular order. 

American Horror Story - Murder House up to Freak Show
I LOVE this show! I actually only started watching it early last year and it took me a while to get into it, mainly because I started with Murder House and I honestly thought that was the most boring season of AHS. I actually caught about 10 minutes of the final episode of season 2 Asylum when it first premiered int the UK and I instantly knew that show wasn't for me... oh how wrong I was! This show throws so many curve balls that you never know where the plot will go next, it's so twisted and dark it's unlike any other show out there. Plus Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson are gorgeous! Jessica Lange is amazing and the cast very rarely changes. i actually enjoy this show so much I've gotten a "Normal People Scare Me" T-shirt for christmas. 

Sherlock is probably one of the best TV shows of the 21st Century. The way Arthur Conan Doyle's original work has been brought into this day and age is really ingenious and I can honestly say there are never any holes in the plot that you can see. Benedict Cumberbatch's performance as the sociopathic detective is flawless and completely loveable, Martin Freeman is adept at making the audience feel John Watson's emotions the way any good actor should. Neither actor are bad to look at either. I also own an "I am Sher-locked" hoodie.

Doctor Who
Doctor Who? If you've never seen it you really really need to! Everyone has heard of the travelling, lovely time lord from Gallifrey and I'm sure those of you who watch it have your own personal favourite Doctor out of them all. Sometimes this show can get a little bit confusing with the plot lines thanks to Moffat's writing, unfortunately I am neither a fan or even interested in the episodes written my Stephen Moffat and the show in my opinion is slowly disintegrating. However it will always be open of my all time favourite TV shows regardless of writing. I have several TARDIS relaxed merchandise and even a sonic screwdriver. David Tennant's Doctor of course. 

South Park
This show is extremely funny to me, partly because of the songs the show puts out, like "Taco Flavoured Kisses" and "Kyle's Mom", and also because it's so outrageous and offensive that I just can't find it unfunny. There have been countless times where the show could've offended me but they do it in such a way that they're making it obvious that offending you is their goal. I love this show and the characters are fab!

Family Guy
Family Guy is one of my favourites purely because of Stewie, the baby is hilarious and obviously doesn't give a money's what people think, despite his vanity and plans for world domination. The characters in this show are really diverse and each one has their own back story that you learn in various episodes; again this programme can be really offensive but it's too funny and stupid to be taken seriously. 

Friends is on this list because it's a classic and it never ever fails to make me laugh, regardless of how bad a day I've had. The humour is just in plain sight and everyone can find one character they relate to quite obviously. I'm Monica because of my little OCD things i do every now and again. I also grew up watching this programme and that makes it that little bit more special if you've watched it from being young up until they day it ended. 

Vicar of Dibley
Finally, The Vicar of Dibley is my all time favourite TV show. My religion is a big part of my life and Dawn French is one of my biggest role models, I love everything she's done, her books are wonderful and her acting in the show is just outstanding. She plays the role of the dry humoured, confident vicar perfectly and many of the jokes are relatable. For once a programme featuring religion that doesn't present it in a negative light, just another bonus.

Let me know some of your favourite TV shows in the comments section below.

Love Katherine. X

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