Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Concert Bucket List

Hi All!
I was at a friend's house today and we got on to talking about bucket lists, mainly travelling and doing wild and crazy things but as I've mentioned before I'm not much of a traveller and I'm certainly not wild and crazy. However, I am a great lover of all types of music so I thought I'd make a post on my ultimate concert bucket list. This is probably going to include a list of bands that aren't with us any more or unfortunately have broken up, it's also going to be a pretty long one... Here we go then. 
My Chemical Romance! 
A few years ago I got into MCR, admittedly a little late considering they're not longer a thing but still, it would be amazing to see them live and I've heard so many stories about how fantastic their concerts are, I had to include them on my list.
Michael Buble! 
Obviously Mr Bubble was going to be on here at some point, he has a voice like velvet dipped in honey and a face that's just... WOW. This man has some serious talent and I have every single album of his. Michael, if you are reading this please feel free to come and sweep me off my feet at any point. Just saying...
Taylor Swift! 
Taylor is my absolute idol and I swear if I could I'd follow her around taking style tips from her every second of the day! I'm a huge country fan and as someone who isn't exactly keen on modern music I think she's a true artist and her lyrics are simply brilliant.

One Direction! 
Okay I've spent years denying that I like these 5 little guys but I can't hold it in anymore... I LOVE THEM! One Direction are my guilty pleasure and I have so many good memories listening to their songs with friends and singing along convinced we'd all be singers one day either dating or married to a member each. I'm Harry's girl obvs (duh). Plus who wouldn't want to go to a concert with 40,000 screaming 12 year old girls throwing tampons at the boys... sarcasm in case you didn't get that; I do imagine their concerts are definitely an experience though. 
McBusted (Again)!
I went to see the world's biggest supergroup in April 2014 and holy sweet baby Jesus they  were bloody fantastic! McFly have always been my favourites but I did have a soft spot for Busted and when they got together and a friend got us tickets I nearly passed out, I was so excited and had good reason to be. Triple breasted inflatable boobies! Matt Willis in a wedding dress, massive circular spaceship (star girl obvs) and huge inflatable balls, no not the dirty kind you minx's, that were passed around the audience. I'd love to go again but unfortunately because of travel plans next year I couldn't get tickets *sad face*.

The Beatles! 
Come on, The Beatles HAD to be on the list, if you don't like them you must be crazy, they've done so much for the music industry and have influenced artists from pretty much every single genre going! They are my ultimate favourite band and I adore them.

Celtic Woman!
Celtic Woman are very recent discovery of mine however the first song I heard any member of Celtic Woman sing was, I think, We Wish You a Marry Christmas and I totally fell in love with them, like instantly. Lisa Lambe's hair is the most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen. I think each and every one of these women are exceptionally talented, their voices are captivating, their performances enthralling and even watching a live concert at home on a saturday night with a pizza and Ben and Jerry's ice cream is magical. It would make my life complete to se these lovely ladies live! My favourite song they've done is without question Téir Abhaile Riú. 

Foster and Allen!
I've listened to Foster and Allen since i was a tiny baby, my Grandad always has their album on in the car and they're just great. I love their tones and the passion the put into their music, when you listen to them you can really hear how much they enjoy their jobs. 

The Dubliners!
You can all probably see a pattern forming here, I love Irish music and I'm really into the Dubliners' music, Seven Drunken Nights is one of my favourites, mainly because I find the whole song highly amusing. Also I love Monto, at the beginning of sixth form in my first year me and Aymie would walk down to a really cozy and quaint restaurant type thing near our sixth form centre and we would have lunch there (they did THE best milkshakes ever!) and every time we went down Monto would play and it was just lovely. I think it would be fab to see them live. 
Jack Johnson!
He is such a laid back musician you can't help but relax whenever you hear his music, I remember once I had slept over an old friend's house and they whole night had been stressful, fighting and arguing, shouting and screaming, insults flying everywhere and late nights as well as an essay due in less than 24 hours later. So, early in the morning I put my headphones in, listened to Inbetween Dreams the album and knocked out an A grade essay in 40 minutes thanks to his calming tones. 

Queen!Because Queen. End of.

Others on my bucket list that I didn't have time to mention include:
  • Maroon5
  • Cliff Richard
  • Elvis
  • Michael Jackson
  • Demi Lovato
  • Blink182
  • Dolly Parton
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Ed Sheeran
And LOADS more. :)

Love Katherine. X

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