Saturday, 17 January 2015

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes: Product Review

Hi All! 
I've been wanting to get a few different types of reviews up for a while now and so far I've reviewed the last book I read, Maya Angelou's 'Letter To My Daughter' earlier in the week,  check that out here. However, I seem to be lacking beauty posts, so earlier in the week my Mam treat me to Younique Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lashes mascara, so I have no idea where it was from but I know it was around £25. This mascara is described as a simple three step process that results in dramatically lengthened and thickened eye lashes.
I'm not a great fan of false lashes, although I like the look, so I've been looking for a product like this for a while now and despite some issues I've found with using this mascara I do genuinely like this product.
The picture to the left, very bad quality and lighting as it is, shows how much longer the Moodstruck mascara can really make your eyes, I don't really have long eye lashes in general but it's pretty clear to see that this product stays true to its word when it says it gives a glamorous false lash look. 
To apply properly first put on a thin layer of your own favourite mascara and let it dry, personally I used my Natural Collection Clear mascara because if mascara is too bold I tend to look like my eyes are the size of dinner plates, not a good look for me. 
After the first coat of mascara has dried apply a layer of the Moodstruck Transplanting gel, personally I found this to be a bit thick and I had a few problems stopping my lashes from sticking together. 
Right after and while the transplanting gel is still wet apply the natural fibres to the lashes. This is where I encountered the major issues with clumping together, I found that the fibres would stick to one another and it would be pretty hard to separate them meaning I was spending more time keeping the lashes apart than I was applying the mascara  itself, a hassle nobody needs especially on those rushed days. 

After applying the fibres, wait for it to dry and apply a final coat of the transplanting gel to secure the fibres to the lashes and tah da! You have a pretty good false lash effect. 
Honestly for the price I wouldn't suggest it as the first mascara if you're looking for longer lashes, purely because of the issues with clumping and being slightly too thick, however my distaste for clumping is overridden by how much I really like the finished look all in all. I'd definitely recommend it if you have the money to spend on it and if you're looking for significantly visible lashes with length and volume, I love this product and I think it will be making a permanent home for itself in my make up bag. 

Love Katherine. X

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