Monday, 5 January 2015

My Everyday Make Up Look - Go-To Products

This post is something I've been both really looking forward to and one I've been seriously dreading. I'm far from the most confident gal around town but my confidence and self-esteem has sky rocketed these last few months because I've changed my whole attitude towards myself and it's really helped. Anyway, this post, as the title says, is going to be about my go-to make up look that I usually wear everyday for college or just going out or whatever. The reason I brought my confidence is because this will be only the second time ever that I've posted a picture of myself online, I'm always apprehensive when I do post selfies. Any who I'm babbling so I'm going to get on with the post!

The picture on the left shows some of the products I use to create my everyday natural (ish) make up look, these products are my favourite and I've used some of them for years. I'm going to quickly explain how exactly I create this look and review some of the products as I go along. 
Before applying any make up at all I usually give my face a quick wash or go over it with a Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action pad to remove any dirt from my pores. These work really well and clear my pores right away.
I then apply my Make Up Academy Pro Base Primer evenly, I don't use any brushes for this as I don't see the need. After applying the primer I use my Garnier Skin Perfector BB Cream, this is absolutely fantastic and instantly hides any blemishes on your face not matter what, I find this really helpful as I often have to wax my upper lip and areas on my chin because of a preexisting condition and that can cause scarring but this cream covers it immediately, it's a godsend and I'd buy tons of it if I could. (Note: these are all my own opinions). Other than on my eyes and my brows and when using blush or bronzer I tend not to use brushes when applying make up purely because I find that i get a more even and natural look from using my fingers, this again is my own personal opinion, some people may want to use brushed instead. 

After that I use my MAC Studio Fix powder foundation. This is a good product depending on the time of year for me as my skin around my T-zone can get very dry, when this happens i absolutely can't use this product because it just sticks to any dry areas of my skin despite using facial wipes and such before hand. Next I will do mah brows, I use a HD Brows (Foxy) and that is pictured to the right. I have dark eyebrows anyway so I only really need to use it on the ends of my brows; I use the bottom right colour on the palette pictured to the right. 

For my eyes I use a Natural Beauty palette I got for Christmas off my Mam, I love this palette because literally every colour on there goes with my skin tone and looks fabulously natural, perfect for everyday wear. I usually start off with a white on my lid and brow bone to highlight, then I colour the lid with a natural light creamy colour, a brown along the lid and a deep brown in the crease of my eye. I blend the colours together from there and I end up with a brown and golden smokey eye. I've always loved the smokey eye look. 

After doing my eye makeup I move on to the lashes, applying a coat of Natural Collection clear mascara, waiting for that to dry then applying a bolder coat of either black or deep brown from the Natural collection again. This gives my lashed a lot more length and they look much bolder once finished. Also Natural Collection is fantastic for the majority of people who have allergies to regular make up as it doesn't contain half of the chemicals used in ordinary beauty products. My lips are next and at the moment I'm using MAC A04 Dare You, this colour goes on really evenly and you only need one layer because it's such a solid colour, I love this because it makes my lips really aft after use.

Finally I use my Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls and my Avon Makeup Setting Spray (pearls pictured above, to the left), I apply the bronzing pearls to my T-zone and cheek bones very lights to give a natural tanned look making sure it isn't too defined or dark because that can make me look as though I've used a brown blush, which I do not suit at all because of my naturally olive skin tone. A couple of quick sprays of the makeup setting spray on my face (about 25-30cm from the face) and my look is complete. The image below is my finished look and although the image is bad quality you will be able to see that my face is clear of blemishes near enough and that my look, other than the eyes, is very natural. I chose to use my blogger "profile" picture as the image to show my natural look off best, this is only because I really like this picture of myself and I think it shows the colour of the make up very well. Thank you all for reading, I know it was long but hopefully worth it!
C'est Moi!

Love Katherine. X

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