Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Top 10 Disney Movies!

Just a few DVDs in my Disney film collection
I'm a Disney addict and there's just no denying that fact anymore. I, Katherine H. J. S.  Simpson, am a complete and total Disney freak! I'm 19 years old and I am proud to say it, in all seriousness I do absolutely love Disney movies and there's nothing like a good Disney film to make you feel better, which is exactly why I'm planning on doing nothing tomorrow once I've been to the dentist, other than watching Disney films. I'm pretty sure that even people who claim not to like those movies do like at least one Walt Disney film and if you don't you're probably just denying your love for them. This is a list of my top 10 all time favourite Disney films from childhood to... well, now. This list is in no particular order other than my favourite movie right at the motto of this list. :)

Beauty and The Beast
Beauty and The Beast is one of the most brilliant Disney film I think I've ever seen, it's clich√© in typical Disney style, nothing is ever straightforward with love stories but a beautiful lady falling head over heels for a beast? It actually does make a great love story and I really think this film shows the importance of looking beneath a person's appearance in order to find the wonderful person underneath the hard, guarded exterior of some people. For me I always thought this film was about showing young children everywhere that no matter who they are, everyone is loveable. 

Oliver and Company
Whoever doesn't like Oliver and Company must be crazy I'm sorry to say. I mean who doesn't love a story about a cute little kitten being abandoned on the streets of New York City, finding a loving home and attempting to fit in with a crowd of dogs? This is a lovely hear warming tale of friendship, belonging and finding your own way, if you've not seen it, give it a watch! The songs are lovely and Dodger the main Mutt is just fab, he has better street cred than me!

Brave is one of my absolute favourite Disney films and I could watch it over and over again and not get bored of it. I actually think this film is pretty relatable because almost all of us have, at one time or another, experienced firsthand or seen it happen to a friend, where you feel pressurised to be something you're not because of a parent's expectations. The fact that throughout this film you get to see the development of the relationship between Merida and her rather highly strung mother is hear warming to watch as the two meet in the middle and Merida is finally allowed to be herself. I adore the triplet brothers in this film and Billy Connolly was as epic as usual in this.

The Emperors New Groove
The Emperors New Groove is probably one of the funniest Disney films I've watched so far, Kuzco and Kronk are probably two of the funniest characters Disney has come up with yet purely because Kuzco is so self involved he's oblivious to everything that goes on around him and Kronk is so kind and gentle he's really naive because of it. The movie is just totally weird also because I mean... a selfish, arrogant, spoiled emperor plans to tear down a village to build a huge pool on top of someones home but in an attempt to kill this emperor a woman who wishes to become empress accidentally turns him into a llama and he must go about with a peasant until all is well again... where else but Disney?!

Cinderella is a total classic, I always smile when I watch this and I remember when my grandma used to sing Bippity Boppity Boo to me when I was tiny before I went to sleep. It's a lovely film and I think sometimes everyone feels like Cinderella or wants to be the girl/guy to go the ball and find their love. I know I've spent hours dreaming about what it would be like to be someone like Cinderella or having a fairy godmother. 

Lilo and Stitch
"Ohana means family, and family means no-one gets left behind  *sobs uncontrollably* I love this film so much I still actually know all of the hawaiian dance moves Lilo knocks out right at the beginning of the movie! Stitch is so cute and to watch a character progress from practically evil to loving best friend is adorable to watch, the soundtrack packed full of Elvis songs is definitely a bonus in my book too! I love that this film shows how even the strangest of little creatures can become part of the family if everyone is willing to accept them. 

I've always thought of Tarzan as one of those movies that tends to be forgotten about with many people yet I have no idea why so many people ignore this movie. It's a great little story with some pretty good twists and turn, particularly as the main characters adoptive parents are gorillas! The soundtrack consists mainly of Phil Collins which is just another plus in my book to be quite honest. I love the initial relationship between Jane and Tarzan but the researcher and study thing build a relationship of their own, it's really lovely to watch. 

Alice in Wonderland
I love Alice in Wonderland because it is so... Quirky. That's probably the only word to describe it really. Disney's adaptation of the book written by a drug addled Lewis Caroll, it's wonderfully wicked, good fun and totally loopy, the characters are so diverse and amusing that the whole film is like some weird hallucinogenic subliminal message. it's crazy and I adore it! The 2010 adaptation with Johnny Depp is absolutely wonderful too but then again, anything with Johnny Depp in usually is. 

Now, I'm sure pretty much everyone has seen or at the very least heard of the 2013 Disney 'breakthrough' Frozen, yes? Well if not you must be living under a rock, in a cave, in the alps, where there is no wifi. I refused to watch this film when it first came out purely because I'm the type of person that really doesn't like to hum on fad bandwagons, I prefer to wait until all the hoo-ha dies down. Awywho, I watched this movie in early 2014 and WOW I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed it, I was over the moon that somebody has finally said it's not right for a woman to marry a man she's just met, the cuteness of Olaf and Sven and the fact that true loves kiss was two estranged sisters rather than a romantic coupling type affair. This was one of the biggest Disney films of the past 10 years and I can see why, the dynamics of the typical Disney style had been completely changed for the better, if I do day so myself!

Mulan is my ultimate favourite Disney film! Based on a true story of heroism, strength and bravery Fa Mulan goes to war disguised as a male soldier in order to stop her failing father from going to war and getting himself fatally hurt, this is a movie of female power and basically she's one of the original feminists. What a film! With the help of her dragon friend Mushu and a lovely cricket Mulan saves China from the wrath of the huns, singing some very catchy tunes as she goes along. I'll always love this film and it will always be my favourite. 
Of course I've missed quite a few movies off this list including: 

  • Snow White
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Lion King
  • A Goofy Movie
  • Lady and The Tramp
And SO many more.

In the past few years Disney has changed so much that all I can do is hope that when I have my children, they're fortunate enough to know the joys that some of these movies were able to bring me and millions of other young girls and boys. 

Love Katherine. X


  1. Oh I'm so happy to see some of the less common ones on this list. Well not less common movies but they don't seem to feature in 'favorite' lists much.
    Obviously I love them all because I too am (obviously) a gigantic Disney fan...though I have to admit I really don't get the hype of Frozen - there are so many better ones to choose from!

    I'm lucky enough that my parents kept all of my Disney VHS from when I was a child and of course I will for sure be keeping my collection for if I ever have any kids.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Oh thanks very much, I really love the less "popular" films, for want of a better word. I think for me the fact that Frozen hand't been made into the typical princess looking for a perfect prince, which to me can get a bit boring at times, I really feel Disney tried to empower their female characters in that which is why I love it.
      My parents did too! :)
      Best wishes to you too Danielle! x